EtherSportz Project Update 1.4 — GDC, Bounty Campaign and Exchange Listings

March Project Updates: Recently we announced a major exchange listing and our new Platform Evangelist joining the team. You can read more about last month’s project update 1.3 here.

ESZCoin Joins the Bancor Network 📡

EtherSportz is excited to announce it will integrate the Bancor Protocol to provide instant liquidity for holders of its ESZCoin (ESZ) with low fees and no trading spread! To read the full announcement at “ESZCoin Joins the Bancor Network”. To understand more about how this works read our new post “ESZCoin + Bancor Token Relay Explained”.

EtherSportz Attending GDC 🕹

EtherSportz will be attending GDC (Game Developers Conference) to continue building relationships with game developers and finalize partnerships. GDC is the world’s largest professional game industry event. GDC attracts over 26,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

Bounty0x ESZCoin Bounty Campaign 🛠

EtherSportz will be hosting an upcoming Bounty Campaign with Bounty0x! Our goal is to expand awareness for ESZCoin and the core ESZ eSports platform project through paid bounties for various marketing and social media tasks. Bounty Campaign dates will be announced this month.

Major Exchange Listing Delayed ⌛️

As you all know, we’ve had an arrangement to be listed on a major exchange for the past month now. This week the exchange has surprised us by making some new requests that we may not be able to meet. This comes as a shock to us, as we believed the arrangement had already been concluded.

Since this development began we’ve been in constant communication with them and are attempting to get this resolved as quickly as possible. From our perspective, we believe that there is still a chance that we can work this out. For the time being we’re prevented from speaking about this with any more detail because of our NDA, however, if things don’t work out we’ll explain more fully what happened at that time.

All that said, we debated even bringing this up because we didn’t want to create any undue FUD on your end (especially since the situation is still up in the air), however, we decided that it was best that you be informed early. Just in case we can’t come to an agreement, we’ve already begun positive conversations with some medium sized exchanges that we’ve been building relationships with that we could pivot to fairly quickly if needed.

In summary, we may have hit a road bump, but our expectation is that this will be resolved soon, and that we’ll still be listed by the end of March. We’ll keep you posted as things continue.

EtherSportz Platform UI/UX Sneak Peak 💎

We’ve been hard at work designing and developing the new EtherSportz eSports match making platform for PC games. This is a sneak peak at the latest iteration of our tournament / matchmaking platform app. EtherSportz is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. Our platform will allow players to compete in challenges, head to head matches and tournaments by paying a small entry fee to win rewards.

Upcoming News Events — March/April 2018 🗓

-Bounty Campaign Date & Details
-New Exchange Listings
-Platform Progress / Developer Updates
-Game Developer Partnership Announcements
-Private Beta Release

Learn more about EtherSportz & ESZCoin
EtherSportz is being developed as an online based eSports tournament platform for popular games. Competitors can participate in prize pool tournaments by registering for EtherSportz hosted events and paying a Cash, Bitcoin or Ether entry fee.The top tournament winners will receive the majority of the prize pool generated by the entry fees!

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