Project Update 1.5 — GDC Recap, Exchange Listings and Rebranding

April Project Updates: Last month the team attend the GDC conference and gave everyone a sneak peak at the project UI / UX. You can read more about last month’s project update 1.4 here.

GDC Recap (Game Developers Conference)

EtherSportz recently attended GDC (Game Developers Conference) where we finalized partnerships with vendors and started relationships with various game developers. One notable meeting was with Madglory Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds business development / API team. They are in favor of what we are doing and we were given early access to the PUBG API / developer portal. We hope to be able to launch PUBG on the platform on or before Q4 2018.

We also had an opportunity to meet with the vendors and partners we have been working with the develop the EtherSportz platform. We are slated to have fully functional beta ready by the end of Q2 launching with CS:GO matchmaking.

Exchange Listings

Regarding the failed March exchange listing, we were scheduled to be listed on KuCoin but they requested an outrageous amount of financial resources right before we were scheduled to be listed that that would ruin the project – even though we had already finalized the listing date and had put substantial resources into a marketing package for listing announcement date. We were very disappointed that our project was treated this way but it appears we are not alone. The Verify (CRED) project wrote a detailed blog called “Our KuCoin Listing Nightmare, and Why It’s The Last Place You Should List” which seems to mirror our experience if you care to understand more.

With all of that in mind we are back talking with smaller / medium size quality exchanges that actual have some integrity and we will be announcing a listing with one of them in the next few weeks for the month of April – this is still inline with our roadmap of a Q2 exchange listing. We are open to hearing suggestions on smaller / medium size exchanges.

EtherSportz Rebranding now gives a path to learn more about the ESZPlay platform or ESZCoin. Based on community feedback and push back from social media networks about advertising anything crypto related. EtherSportz platform will now be (the tournament and matchmaking platform) and (the reward pool token).

Crypto related advertising has been banned by many social media sites and many other companies are following the trend, this means that we can’t advertise “EtherSportz” the platform via social media because of its association with crypto. But by splitting the brand we are able to advertise the ESZPlay as a stand alone product as it should be.

We’ve created the ESZCoin site to keep you informed of developments related to the coin itself. This is also where the ESZCoin holder portal will reside and rewards can be collected. This will also exist as the place potential buyers of the coin can look at to understand how the coin works and where to trade it. Developments about the coin and the ESZPlay platform’s profitability will now be exclusively posted here.

As we go further into development and begin to pitch the platform to the larger gaming community (our future audience), its important that they don’t get confused. Non-crypto gamers don’t initially need to know/care about the ESZCoin the reward token – they only need to understand what our ESZPlay product/platform is.

CSGO Skin and Steam Giftcard Giveaway
ESZPlay’s first giveaway! is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. We’re running a 3 week sweepstakes starting Friday March 30th and ending Friday April 20th at 3:45 PM EST. Participants will have the opportunity to win one of ten prizes! Click here to learn more about how to participate!

Upcoming News Events — April 2018
-Bounty Campaign Date & Details
-New Exchange Listings
-Platform Progress / Developer Updates
-Game Developer Partnership Announcements
-Private Beta Release

Learn more: is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. Our platform will allow players to compete in challenges, head to head matches and tournaments by paying a small entry fee to win cash rewards.EtherSportz

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