Project Update 1.6 — Platform Progress, Exchange Listings and Updates

April 30th Project Updates: It’s been a few weeks since our last update regarding GDC, new websites launched and explaining the current exchange listing status. You can read more about last month’s project update 1.5 here.

Marketing / Bounty Campaign 

Previously we announced the concept of running a new ESZCoin Bounty Campaign with Bounty0x, however we’ve become concerned that creating additional token holders at this point (who weren’t contributors, and would essentially be receiving the tokens “for free”) would lead to price dilution. So we’re pivoting to a more traditional product marketing campaign focused on driving end-users / gamers to our social media and ESZPlay beta signup which supports the long term goals building the platform’s audience.

ESZPlay Vast Marketing Overview

We’ve recently had great success with Vast (a media agency) that’s increased our social media following by 200% over the last couple of weeks. Their efforts have focused on a CSGO/steam gift card giveaways and we’ve been very pleased with the results. The campaign ends on May 20 and we’re excited to see how much more progress we’ll make.

Exchange Listing Status

After the KuCoin fiasco (that you can read more about here) we began the process of talking with new exchanges and are currently under review at several different places. Exchange listings, even small to medium ones, require upwards of 30-60 days normally along with a substantial listing fee. We understand that this has been a bit disappointing (its disappointing for us to), however, we’re making progress and we’re still optimistic for a Q2 listing on a medium sized exchanged as outlined in our roadmap.

On a positive note, we’ve recently seen a price return on the IDEX and Bancor exchanges toward the original ICO price, despite the fact that Ether’s price has still not returned to its highs (which unfortunately coincided with when our ICO itself was launched). Since January we’ve seen Ether’s price drop by around 60%, and this has had negative effects across the board for the pricing of many tokens, especially those who launched at or before its all time high. Any ESZCoin holders who are currently looking for instant liquidity at a fair market value should visit our listing on Bancor.

Current Exchange Listings:

Platform Progress / Developer Updates

We’re in the process of finalizing an agreement with a cash payment & distribution API that is in compliance with US requirements for skill based gaming. For us this is a huge victory, as this process has been very challenging, as we’ve had difficulties working out arrangements with several other payment gateways. This current agreement will also grant us immediate access to their large network of over 60+ million users and access to a payment solution that’s available in over 200 countries and supports 40 currencies. Once this deal is finalized we’ll be able to release more details.

Partnership Announcement

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Gameye for CS:GO API and server management. This will allow for on demand matchmaking and easy scalability as the platform grows.

Private Beta Schedule

Our development team is making good progress on the ESZPlay beta and game integration. For the end of Q2 ESZPlay beta we’ll be able to launch with CS:GO and we’re optimistic that by the product’s release we’ll have Battlerite and PUBG integrated as well.
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