Project Update 1.7— June Beta & Mobile Game Partnership

June 11th Project Updates: Last month we talked a little bit about the platform progress, partnerships and our ESZPlay marketing campaign. We also introduced the ESZCoin buyback and burn program. You can read more about last month’s project update 1.6 here.

Mobile Game Development Partnership

In addition to developing the ESZPlay platform, we are also currently in the process of developing and deploying multiple skill-based mobile games on the Skillz, Inc network. Skillz is a successful mobile platform that lets players compete against each other for small cash prize pools in short heads-up tournaments. Its a very similar model to ours, except that their emphasis is on mobile gaming while ours is on PC gaming. Skillz is currently the worldwide leader in mobile eSports, with an audience over 10 million active users, hosting over 1 million matches a day. Since last year it has more than doubled its revenue to over $200 million. In August 2017, Skillz was named the fastest-growing company in America by Inc. Magazine, and grew in revenue by over 125% from 2017-2018. By working with them, ESZ will gain access to an additional source of revenue and expand our reach into the skills based mobile gaming market.

Mobile Game Preview: Math Skillz

Math Skillz is a skill-based puzzle game for iOS and will eventually be ported to Android. Our goal is to provide an additional stream of revenue for the EtherSportz project by integrating this app into the Skillz network. We hope to have Math Skillz live by the end of June along with the ESZPlay beta.

ESZPlay Beta Kickoff

Starting near the end of June, early access beta users can participate in online matchmaking and tournaments, where they’ll begin with $50 in free play credits. The top scoring users at the end of each day and week will be eligible to win cash and prizes for participating. We will also be introducing unique challenges to reward players for beta testing, so even if you aren’t the daily or weekly credit leader you might still be eligible to win a prize. We will continue to run free to play/credit tournaments throughout the summer until this phase of testing is complete and we introduce the cash system.

ESZPlay Summer Beta Roadmap

To ensure a quality production launch post beta, we will be deploying many iterations of the beta throughout the summer adding new features based on community feedback and analytical data. Below are some of the features we will be introducing and refining.

  • Ranking System
  • Additional Anti-Cheat Layers
  • Dispute Resolution System
  • KYC / AML Processing
  • Cash-in and Cash-out system supported by Skrill Digital Wallet
  • Achievements and Challenges
  • New Games
  • Additional Game Modes
  • Custom Vanity Profile Options

ESZPlay Early Access Beta Preview

Exchange Listing Progress

 We are still in the process of talking with multiple exchanges to negotiate a medium size exchange listing for ESZCoin. Any ESZCoin holders who are currently looking for instant liquidity at a fair market value should visit our listing on Bancor. Exchange listings, even small to medium ones, require upwards of 30-60 days normally along with a substantial listing fee. An early Q3 exchange listing looks very promising based on the new buyback and burn model along with the launch of the ESZPlay beta and expansion into mobile eSports market.

Current Exchange Listings:

ESZPlay Giveaway (Marketing)

Welcome to ESZPlay’s third giveaway! is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. To celebrate our upcoming closed beta launch at the end of June, we’re running another giveaway to boost your gaming experience. The giveaway will end July 5th, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

The winner will get to choose between an Acer Predator Gaming Monitor XB271H 27″ 144HZ or an EVGA GTX 1080 Graphics Card.

Learn more: is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. Our platform will allow players to compete in challenges, head to head matches and tournaments by paying a small entry fee to win cash rewards.
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