Project Update 1.8 – ESZPlay Summer Beta

July 23rd Project Updates: We’ve been busy launching the ESZPlay early access beta this month and we’ve finished our beta key distribution. We will be doing a random beta key drop in the following weeks to onboard more beta users. So far we have had a great response from beta users who are enjoying the platform and providing great feedback to us on our discord channel.

ESZPlay Summer Beta

We’re excited to be launching the ESZPlay Beta! Our platform is still very much in its infancy – we have a ton of features that we want to roll out, and plenty of things that need to be improved. Our goal with this stage of the Beta is to work on platform stability and capturing match results for CS:GO. We are actively listening to our beta users and collecting feedback to make improvements. Visit our ESZPlay Beta Access page to learn more.

ESZPlay Summer Beta Roadmap

To ensure a quality production launch post beta, we will be deploying many iterations of the beta throughout the summer, adding new features based on community feedback and analytical data. Some of the upcoming features we’ll be rolling out are listed below:

  • Ranking System
  • Additional Anti-Cheat Layers
  • Dispute Resolution System
  • KYC / AML Processing
  • Cash-in and Cash-out system supported by Skrill Digital Wallet
  • Achievements and Challenges
  • New Games
  • Additional Game Modes

ESZCoin to be listed on LATOKEN Exchange

We are excited to announce that ESZCoin will be soon listed on LATOKEN Exchange; ESZ/ETH, ESZ/BTC and ESZ/LA pairs will be available for trading (pending regulatory clearance).

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange with a focus on liquidity supply for new utility and security tokens:
• $7M daily trading volume
• 60+ crypto pairs already traded
• ~70,000 traders already registered

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can purchase on the platform selected tokens at ICO and pre-sale stages.

Skillz Enterprise Partnership

We are in the process of becoming a Skillz enterprise partner and will be releasing multiple skill-based mobile games on the Skillz, Inc network later this summer. Skillz is a successful mobile platform that lets players compete against each other for small cash prize pools in short heads-up tournaments. Its a very similar model to ours, except that their emphasis is on mobile gaming while ours is on PC gaming. Skillz is currently the worldwide leader in mobile eSports, with an audience over 10 million active users, hosting over 1 million matches a day. Since last year it has more than doubled its revenue to over $200 million. In August 2017, Skillz was named the fastest-growing company in America by Inc. Magazine, and grew in revenue by over 125% from 2017-2018. By working with them, ESZ will gain access to an additional source of revenue and expand our reach into the skills based mobile gaming market.

New Mobile Game Preview: Turbo Typing Skillz

Turbo Typing Skillz is a skill-based puzzle game for iOS and will eventually be ported to Android. Our goal is to provide an additional stream of revenue for the EtherSportz project by integrating this app into the Skillz network. We hope to have our mobile games released on the app store by the end of summer.



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